As new Model1 - Australia

Item: An Unused Model1 With Case
This is an as new, unused Keyboardio Model 1, with travel case, below cost price, plus it comes with the travel case!
Why am I selling? - I have decided to cull my rather extensive keyboard collection as I need to space.

Price: $500 AUD + shipping ($10-20 Within Australia) - I will figure it out - but I might just wear the shipping cost.

Condition: New - I never really used it, it was bought mainly for my collection, and these days I really don’t 'computer that much anymore. :frowning:
It is still in it’s box. Got all it’s bits, cables, screwdriver, etc…
Whats Included, all as new and unused:

  1. Laminated keyboard map card
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Left Keyboard Half - wing?
  4. Right Keyboard Half - wing?
  5. Attachment Bracket x2
  6. Tenting foot x2
  7. tending foot thumb screw x2
  8. Long RJ45 cable
  9. Short RJ45 cable
  10. USB C cable
  11. Model 1 Travel Case
  12. shipping box
  13. shipping box top insert
  14. travel case shipping box

Location: Perth Western Australia
Please email me :

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures: