Bag of 198 Quiet Click Matias Switches


Item: 198 Matias Quiet Click Switches
Price: $35 or best offer
Condtion: New
Location: Schaumburg, IL

I went ahead and ordered a bag of Quiet Clicks from Matias ($50 plus shipping), but I only used two for disassembly and experimentation. I got used to my clicky switches after all, and I have no need for these. I’d rather they go to a good home for spare parts or another keyboardio user’s pet project. Will be listed on eBay if I don’t get any bites for a couple weeks.

(JP) #2

What do they look like? link? pics? winning lotto numbers?


I didn’t include a pic initially because it isn’t very glamorous…

This is just the bag of switches Matias sent me, minus two brave soldiers.

(JP) #4

are they blanks? I’m guessing they fit on your M01?


Yeah, these are the switches used on most of the Model 01s our there. I’ve got the clicky switches in my board, and I was investigating swapping them out. I thought maybe someone would like to have them on hand.

(Toon Claes) #6

I also have a Clicky M01 and I have bare quiet switches at hand, and I’m experimenting with swapping the internals (so without desoldering the switches).

First test I did: replace both the slider and the leaf. The switch is a loud more silent now, and also a bit more wobly, which also makes it less sensitive to getting “stuck” when the switch isn’t pressed down perfectly vertical.

I want to experiment with swapping only the leaf or only the slider, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

I got the instructions from

The internals of the Matias aren’t exactly the same, but opening up basically is. I’ll make some videos when I can.