Fixing repeating keys permanently


I first noticed some keys were repeating on me a while back. That was relatively easy to fix, popping the key cap off and working a drop of rubbing alcohol into the switch.

Working at home a lot lately, and I’m noticing more keys are starting to repeat. Individually it’s not a big deal, as I can fix them in a few minutes. However, I wonder where this is going? Is this a problem that will eventually hit all my keys? And is my ‘fix’ permanent? I don’t think any key I’ve fixed has had the problem recur. I’m up to about five or six keys that have needed care, and with regular use a new key has started acting up every couple of days or so.

IF my fix is permanent, and IF this is inevitably going to hit every key, it might be worth spending an hour and pulling all the caps off and working a drop of alcohol into each switch.

Any advice?