For sale: Model 100 walnut + accessories (+ Blank & Translucent keycaps) - AUD $400 + shipping) - Australia

Item: Model 100 walnut, QWERTY, blank, and translucent keycaps
Price: $450 excl. shipping
Condition: Used
Location: Sydney, Australia

Unfortunately my Model 100 shipped with the incorrect switches installed (received tactile instead of linear) so I ended up swapping in switches of my own. I have some different types of switches on hand so if you prefer clicky or linear I can swap these in for you instead.
I’ve bought smaller/more premium RJ45 cables, which I will include.
This comes with QWERTY and translucent (white) caps, both of which are unused. I swapped the QWERTY caps immediately and only used the blank keys. Never bothered with the translucent keys.
I also bought ARKON mounts (not included in price) but if you’re also interested in that we can discuss.
All the stuff that it came shipped with (box, travel case, octo-feet, switch puller, cables etc) are included.
I used it for a bit initially to get used to it, then a solid week at work, then swapping between it and my kinesis advantage during the day… then completely going back to the kinesis.

Image taken right after unboxing.

Please note the custom USB-C cable pictured is not included.

updated price to $400