[For Sale] Travel Case for Model 01 - $25

(Kevin Riggle) #1

Item: Travel Case for Model 01 from the Quickstarter
Price: $25
Condtion: Like new
Location: San Francisco, CA

(SilverMind) #2

Is this case still available?

(Kevin Riggle) #3

It is still available!


I’m also interested in this. How much do you think shipping would be within the states?

(SilverMind) #5


I would like to purchase your case. Please email me with your PayPal information at me personal email address: Bob@deepeningheart.com.

Thank you.


(Kevin Riggle) #6

Hey @silvermind, I emailed you my Paypal details at that address, please let me know if you didn’t receive it. If you wind up not interested for whatever reason. I’ll offer it to @BesselFunct. Shipping in the States looks to be about $13 give or take.