HELP - Arduino install wrecked my Ubuntu Desktop interface

Earlier tonight I downloaded Arduino 1.8.12, the Linux 64-bit version from .

It downloaded to my Desktop/Downloads folder. I then applied the commands described at:

This is what I did, from my user home directory shell prompt:

$ cd Desktop/Downloads
$ tar xvf arduino-1.8.12-linux64.tar.xz
(a long list of stuff opened and installed)
$ sudo mv arduino-1.8.12 /usr/local/arduino
$ cd /usr/local/arduino
$ sudo ./

Suddenly I noticed that most of the icons in my top panel were now missing. Then I noticed that my desktop icons were all generic icons. So I re-booted. Upon re-boot, I get a blank screen in both my monitors. For one or two quick flashes, I can see my usual interface behind the blank screen (ssh window, browser, etc).

Can anyone help me figure out WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!

This is on Ubuntu-MATE 16.04. I had already successfully flashed the latest firmware onto my Keyboardio Model 01 the day before.

I am writing now from a separate drive in my desktop workstation where I have the old Ubuntu 14.04 installed. From here I can open the 16.04 drive and I see that in /usr/local/arduino that the arduino components appear to have been installed.

I can also see that a file named “Arduino IDE” is on my desktop, and that it’s a “desktop configuration file,” (application/x-desktop) but it will not open.

The script that’s in /usr/local/arduino is on pastebin here:

Right now I have no direct normal graphical access to my entire 16.04 system, which is very scary. This sort of thing hasn’t happened to me in quite awhile.

Any tips or suggestions about what went wrong here greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: AT THIS POINT I JUST NEED TO GET MY DESKTOP BACK. I’ll try to install Arduino later. I have broken icons (with the red “X” in them, etc)