I made a thing - kaltokle, a tool to convert firmware files into kle-importable data


I thought it’d be nice to have a way to generate a visual representation of the layout I am currently hacking on. At fist I was using KLE. However, manually editing the data on the website got old quite fast, so I decided to write a small tool do to the job for me cue obligatory XKCD.

Since it does the job for me, I thought that maybe it can be useful to somebody else as well and decided to put it online. You can find it at https://gitlab.com/a-dma/kaltokle.

So far it has solved two issues for me:

  • being able to quickly see the result of my hacking, without having to leave the terminal
  • being able to automatically produce an image that I can embed in the README file of the repository where I keep my layout. This makes it pretty convenient to switch between different layouts and make sure I’m on the right one before flashing it.

It’s by no means perfect (or even good), and still needs work, but if you think it can help, you go ahead and give it a try. If you do try it I’ll be most curious about any comments you may have.