iPad OS Keyboard Support Issues

I wonder if anyone else has tried out their M01 with an IPad after the recent 13.1.2 update. I noticed a very strange bug with the “assistive touch” feature (ie, mouse support). When enabled, I can use the M01 mouse keys to navigate around the screen, but the assigned mouse CLICK keys won’t work. Even stranger, a seemingly random alphanumeric key (left middle finger on home row) is somehow assigned as a button 1 click. In my layout, this would be my “I” key, so the keyboard is unusable unless I turn assistive touch back off and quit using my keyboard (or my Bluetooth mouse for that matter) to navigate.

Anyway, I know IOS 13 has lots of bugs that could be related to this, but I’d love to eventually be able to use my M01 with IOS in a pinch. It seems like this is the way things are heading.