Keyswitch lubricant speculation thread (aka Wait for MP4?)

To fill the vaccuum of concrete information about the keyswitch lubricant to be used in the production run following the Chinese new year to address the chattering issue affecting some Model 01 owners, I’d like to open the floor to rampant, unbridled speculation (hopefully with the wisdom of people knowledgeable about such matters).

It seems if there were two keyswitch lubricants, “A” and “B”, and lubricant “B” was less conducive to chatter than lubricant “A” then there wouldn’t be a market for “A” at all… unless “B” has some other attributes in which it was inferior to “A”.

For instance, price. It could be the case that in terms of lubricating keyswitches, “B” is superior to “A” in all respects, and the tradeoff is simply the price of the lubricant.

However the tradeoff could be something along the lines of “the new lubricant eliminates chatter but it’s also only rated for 10 million key presses instead of 15 million keypresses like the old lubricant”.

Or it could be “the new lubricant eliminates chatter, but on the 1 millionth key press your keyboard will become sentient and plot your demise”.


The lubricant is hand-applied. The older lubricant stays greasy/liquidy over time. If there’s too much lubricant, it can sometimes migrate to the electrical contacts with predictable results.

The new lubricant is teflon. The factory claims that the teflon is less prone to migration.

We have a pretty good track record with helping folks through a simple at-home fix for overlubricated switches. (Write us at if you need help with this.)
We’re holding off on posting it publicly because we do want to track every instance of this issue. Also, if you write us and we talk you through it, we extend your warranty to cover accidental damage caused while performing the fix. If you don’t write us…we don’t.

Additionally, I’ve been doing work on our software debouncing algorithm and am pretty confident that I can eliminate 95% of the instances of chatter reported to us entirely in software with no measurable increase in latency. I just need to not be running off to China to supervise production at the last minute to have time to finish it up.


@jesse When will the new debouncing algorithm be released?

@rumpel - We’re working on making the install process more automated now, but if you want to try it out now, drop me email at