Less dry name for “M01”?

Hello. I was just wondering if a more less dry name for the keyboard rather than “Model01” was considered? Might be useful to make it easier to identify and talk about it…

Butterfly keyboard?

I think I saw people use that name for it.

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I always refer to it as the Keyboardio. My coworkers would always ask, “When do you get your Keyboardio in?”, so it seemed to stick well.

(of course now, they all want a Keyboardio :))


Is it pronounced keyboard ee oo?

I’m a big fan of scientific names. I think I called my most intimidating character on star Trek online “Lepidoptera”, maybe that could transfer over to my keyboard?

The company is ‘Keyboardio’, pronounced keyboard-ee-oh.

The first product we’ve released is the “Model 01”, pronounced as “Model one.” We never call the product “the keyboardio.”

You are, of course, welcome to call your keyboard anything you want.

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My Precious