Maximum number of macros?

Hello. I see here that the maximum number of “concurrent” macros is 8:


What does that mean anyway: “concurrent” macro, what is it useful for and how would it be used?

I also want to know the total number of macros permissible. If I read this line:

#define M(n)           (Key){ n, KEY_FLAGS|SYNTHETIC|IS_MACRO }

and this line:

const macro_t *macroAction(uint8_t macroIndex, uint8_t keyState);

… correctly, it means there can be 128 macros defined in all, but this doesn’t seem to be documented?

That’s the number of macros that can be active at the same time. That is, the number of macro keys you can hold, while still allowing all of them to work properly. It’s mostly useful when you have a set of macro’d shortcuts, and press them in quick succession (resulting in a bit of an overlap).

There can be 256 macros total, because the index is unsigned.

Thanks for that clarification!

Oh my! Must have been really sleepy to forget that 2^8 = 256. Updated the PR now.