Model 01 Clicky ($250) -OR- Linear ($450) MP3 (Austin, TX)

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Item: Model 01 Clicky OR Linear MP3
Price: $250 + s&h (Clicky) OR $450 + s&h (Linear)
Condtion: Used, Looks great. Firmware updated (details below)
Location: Austin, TX

UPDATE: I am now offering to convert this keyboard to Linear, for an additional $200. I would need an extra 7 days lead time to do the conversion, and to test the keyboard after the conversion before I ship the keyboard to you. All of the switches would be converted to Linear.

If you want a mix of loud, quiet, AND linear, it would be an additional $250, for a total of $500. For a mix, I would need a detailed description of the pattern you want, as well as $150 up front before I started the work, due to the additional work it would take to make the keyboard sellable if you decided not to purchase.

If you decide you want linear or customized switches, I would test the keyboard for 2 work days to ensure all of the keys are working correctly after the conversion.

The buyer should assume that the original warranty would no longer cover any switch related issues, however if problems did occur with the switches, I would personally be willing to work with you to work out a reasonable solution.


Hi everyone! This is a used Model 01 Clicky, I believe from MP3 (I purchased it when this tweet went out: I bought this for home use, where I knew I wouldn’t annoy anyone. Since then, I have discovered that I can’t type and conference call at the same time, due to where my mic and the keyboard is. So I am switching back to the quiet click for home use. I received this keyboard around late February, and I have used it 2-3 work days a up until 2018-06-21.

Keyboard comes in the original box, with the original stuffs.

Notes on the firmware:
I installed “custom” firmware on the keyboard, mostly to remove features I wasn’t using, like a lot of the LED patterns I just didn’t use. I have re-flashed “stock” firmware, latest master branch as of 2018-06-21. I used the keyboard for another 2 hours after flashing the firmware. There were no issues, this keyboard is a champ!


Glamor shots:


is the keyboard still for sale?
How much would the shipping to switzerland be?


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Yes, it is still for sale! Thanks for your interest, ill calculate shipping and send you in a direct message.

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Updated original post to include new offer to customize switches for linear or mix of linear/quiet/loud click, for a small fee.