Model 01 Clicky MP3 (Austin, TX)

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Item: Model 01 Clicky MP3
Price: $250 + s&h
Condtion: Used, Looks great. Firmware updated (details below)
Location: Austin, TX

Hi everyone! This is a used Model 01 Clicky, I believe from MP3 (I purchased it when this tweet went out: I bought this for home use, where I knew I wouldn’t annoy anyone. Since then, I have discovered that I can’t type and conference call at the same time, due to where my mic and the keyboard is. So I am switching back to the quiet click for home use. I received this keyboard around late February, and I have used it 2-3 work days a up until 2018-06-21.

Keyboard comes in the original box, with the original stuffs.

Notes on the firmware:
I installed “custom” firmware on the keyboard, mostly to remove features I wasn’t using, like a lot of the LED patterns I just didn’t use. I have re-flashed “stock” firmware, latest master branch as of 2018-06-21. I used the keyboard for another 2 hours after flashing the firmware. There were no issues, this keyboard is a champ!


Glamor shots:


is the keyboard still for sale?
How much would the shipping to switzerland be?


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Yes, it is still for sale! Thanks for your interest, ill calculate shipping and send you in a direct message.