On palm rest pointing device


I wanted to share a solution for an easy to reach mini touchpad mounted onto the palm rest. It can be operated e.g. by the middle finger without lifting the palm off the rest. As my keyboardio is fixed at the arm rests of my chair and disappears under the table when typing, operating the touchpad is way easier than reaching for a trackpad on the table…

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This is awesome! If I would have one wish for the Model 01, it would be a pointing device that I can reach without leaving the home row. This comes pretty close.

Do you click via the touchpad or the keyboard? How accurate is the touchpad? Sometimes I need to do some more precise work. Have you also tried to fit in the larger version?



I use keyboard and touchpad for moving the pointer and clicking. The choice depends on where to move and what is to be done.

The keyboard is used e. g.
× for small movements relative to the current position
× for large jumps to different regions of the screen (-> warping)

The touchpad is used e. g.
× for pixel wise movements (smaller than minimum pointer displacements corresponding to one key press)
× for mid size movements (smaller than ~ 1/4 screen)
× for selections (rectangular areas) (warping is good for this purpose too)

× for scrolling (can also be done comfortably by assigning mouse scroll functions to keyboard keys…)

Clicking is mainly done with the keyboard (fn+ left ctrl/bksp/cmd) but also with the touchpad, again depending on the use case.

Sometimes I do selections by keyboard clicking combined with touchpad movement.

The larger version of the touchpad should also fit on the palm rest - you could try with a cardboard dummy…
I opted for the ‘mini’ version for a minimum of middle finger bending to reach the center of the touchpad.

With pointer acceleration set to maximum (xinput) the screen can be traversed diagonally with one repositioning of the finger.
Accuracy is not affected by this setting.

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Thanks for the info!

I’ve just ordered the mini version (though it should take a while until it gets to Germany). I think that for extensive mouse work I will stil use my Logitech ergo trackball. But for in between stuff, the small touchpad is golden.



I got mine three days after ordering - for European destinations they send from the UK. This way no hassle with import duties neither (still pre Brexit…).
You are right, for some mouse only applications there is a Slimblade trackball on my desk, too.


@christo-auer Where did you order it?

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I’ve ordered it here: http://www.ergonomictouchpad.com/
Though, I is still on transit from the US.


Ok, cool. Can you do a little review of the touchpad when you get it? I would like to get a second opinion before I buy it.