Qukeys and shiftToLayer


(Michael Richters) #21

The other suggestion I have for anyone who finds home-row qukeys problematic — especially for those who use non-QWERTY keymaps — is to try shifting them a row. My inclination would be to put them on the bottom row, but I think that’s merely personal preference. Doing that would take the modifiers off the most frequently-typed letters, so there would be many fewer opportunities to accidentally trigger a modifier, and it would be only slightly less convenient.

@noseglasses — I’m very glad to hear that you’re finding Qukeys to at least partially solve the problem of QMK DualUse keys on letters. That was the original idea, after all!

(Noseglasses) #22

The bottom row, that’s where I already have my layer switch Qukeys. This is because I need them more frequently than Ctrl, Alt, etc.