Qukeys enhancements

(Michael Richters) #21

Sorry about that; I botched that macro definition a bit. It will work if you put it inside the setup() function, but for some reason the anonymous namespace block doesn’t work.

(Jordihs) #22

Thanks a lot, it’s working now. By the way, I am going to remap only the thumb keys and I kind of guesstimated their location. This is supposed to have effect on the first, third and fourth thumb keys:

    kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 4, 0, M(ABRE_BLOQUE)),       // Alt - {
    kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 4, 2, M(ABRE_PARENTESIS)),   // shift - (
    kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 4, 3, M(ABRE_ARRAY)),        // Ctrl - [
    kaleidoscope::Qukey(1, 4, 0, M(CIERRA_BLOQUE)),     // Alt - {
    kaleidoscope::Qukey(1, 4, 2, M(CIERRA_PARENTESIS)), // shift - (
    kaleidoscope::Qukey(1, 4, 3, M(CIERRA_ARRAY)),      // Ctrl - [

Does it seem right to you? I guessed the parameters are (layer, row,col,key) as per the example. I wish I could just test and fix on the keyboardio but as I said, mine is yet to arrive.

(Michael Richters) #23

You’re right about what the parameters mean, but unfortunately, the thumb keys aren’t in row 4, because there is no row 4. The left side thumb keys are column 7, and the right side ones are column 8. Row 0 on each side is the innermost key, and row 3 is the outermost key (closest to you, furthest from the finger keys).

So from left to right, they’re R0C7, R1C7, R2C7, R3C7 on the left side, and R3C8, R2C8, R1C8, R0C8 on the right side.

(Jordihs) #24

Thanks for the tip. I ended up with this:

kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 0, 7, M(ABRE_BLOQUE)),       // Alt - {
kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 2, 7, M(ABRE_PARENTESIS)),   // shift - (
kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 3, 7, M(ABRE_ARRAY)),        // Ctrl - [

kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 3, 8, M(CIERRA_BLOQUE)),     // Alt - {
kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 2, 8, M(CIERRA_PARENTESIS)), // shift - (
kaleidoscope::Qukey(0, 0, 8, M(CIERRA_ARRAY)),      // Ctrl - [

Note that in the right hand side mappings I had set layer to one previously but seems to me that they should be all layer 0. (The intent is to open/close parens and brackets with thumb keys while in the main layer)

(Michael Richters) #25

For clarity, you could use the name of the layer (from the keymap enum) — e.g. QWERTY — instead of the number in the Qukey definition.

(Jordihs) #26

Awesome, thanks a lot!

(Dane Summers) #27

I’m curious about mapping mouse scroll keys…I’d like to do something like ‘fn-w’ is Key_mouseUp (the default), and ‘fn-shift-w’ is Key_mouseScrollUp (and similar mappings for scrolldown). At the moment I just map the scroll keys to unused Fn layer keys. Is that something doable with QuKeys?

(Michael Richters) #28

Using full Qukey definitions, mouse keys should work as both primary and alternate keys. I haven’t tested this specific case, but as long as the Qukeys plugin is ahead of the MouseKeys plugin in the processing order, it should work.