[Sold] Model 01 Keyboard MP5 Quiet Click (Chicago) - $240 + Shipping


Item: Model 01
Price: $240.00 + Shipping
Condition: Mint (used for less than 2 weeks)
Location: Near Naperville, IL

In perfect condition Model 01 MP5 shipment. Absolutely nothing wrong with the keyboard but I still suffer a bit of RMI and will be reverting back to my Kinesis Advantage. Will also trade for a new or like new Advantage 2 if available (must be seen in person). Shipping is on the buyer.

(Siew Yi Liang) #2

Hi there, I’m interested. Do you have current photos of the keyboard?



Sorry for the delay. I was out of town the past few days. I have several photos I took this evening and will upload.

(Siew Yi Liang) #4

I went ahead and ordered one new on Monday; if I like it, I’ll probably buy yours (assuming it’s still available) for home use as well if no one has taken you up on it by then! Hopefully I’ll get it soon so I can decide!


Hi skillbuilder, I’m interested in buying your Model 01. How do we proceed?

Shipping would be to Winthrop, WA 98862. I’d be fine with USPS Priority, UPS, or FedEx.


(Siew Yi Liang) #6

Hi there skillbuilder; is this still for sale?

(JP) #7


Is this still available?

(Devon ) #8

is this still available


As Skillbuilder is not replying, I will. I purchased the Model 01 from him in September. I’m currently typing on it!

(JP) #10

Gracias FrankieV. Enjoy your M01.