Trackball Addition

(JP) #21

I’m sorry for this, its too easy.

Jenn, its all in your head…

(Jennifer Leigh) #22

Not in this brain box. newp. nope Nope NOPE NOPE!

(Mark Vedder) #23

Not even if J+K Kickstarter it? :wink: Try the books though. It’s one of my favorite series. Great characters and a strong protagonist that grows nicely throughout the series.

(Noseglasses) #24

265 bugs! That thing is not even programmable :smirk:

(Björn Andersson) #25

265 bugs! That thing is not even programmable

:slight_smile: Yes, it is overpriced, but there is not much competition. It is not programmable in itself, but comes with software to assign functions to the buttons and customize the behaviour. The Model 01 definitely has much more substance for the money. :slight_smile:

(JP) #26

Yes, we are slightly spoiled. Thanks J + K.


I was thinking the other day that some analog mouse controls would be a nice addition to my Model 01! There should be free pins on the 32u4 (in the left half), and I think there’s space in the enclosure as well.

Doing this on the right half would be significantly more challenging, for reasons that make most people’s eyes glaze over.

I’d been considering experimenting with enclosures when my Origin arrives, maybe some of that will include integrating mouse hardware… that RollerMouse looks neat but it is breathtakingly expensive for a hackjob experiment!

(Titus von der Malsburg) #28

I’d love to have a ThinkPad-style trackpoint. Super precise and fast once you get the hang of it. I imagine it sitting in the middle of the y, u, h, and j keys.

(ArleyM) #29

this isn’t a unique craving for Model 01 owners, it’d be sweet if a hardware trackpoint or something similar was made with the same footprint / pin configuration as a key switch. I have no idea if that’s technically feasible, but would open up a lot more options for a lot of boards

(Pnewb) #30

I’ve been trying to track down a reasonable source for trackpoints…and failing miserably. Harvesting parts from ebay is not reasonable, nor are the 1-off prices for demo boards.

What I have found are tiny blackberry style rollerballs and PSP slide joysticks. The PSP joystick holds a little promise, I think. I haven’t done a ton of poking around inside, but I did see Jesse state in another thread that there is some manner of free analog input available.

Right now the center mounted trackpad I have rigged onto my Kinesis is the only thing that I’m truly missing.

(John Jones) #31

If you are looking for hardware that works with Arduino I would look at They have It is an analog stick. They also have a joystick type one and a pro version of this. It is very affordable for a hack type test! :slight_smile: Hope this help,


(John Jones) #32

They also have a touchpad type as well! :slight_smile: