What's the latest info on keycap sets?


Received a set of unpainted keycaps today (DHL, no customs paperwork or fees).

(Jesse) #6

I’m happy to hear it.

The current status as of today:

  • We have come to an agreement with the factory about shipping QWERTY, Black, and White keycap sets.

  • Most QWERTY, Black, and White keycap sets have been shipped or are expect to be shipped in the next 48 hours.

  • The factory sent us pictures of the keycaps boxed up, labeled and ready to go

  • We’ll send tracking numbers to everyone to whom we shipped keycaps, probably some time next week.

  • We don’t actually know what the customs declarations on the keycaps say, but are eagerly awaiting reports. We suspect the factory may have under-declared their value without discussing it with us.

  • We won’t have an update on Colemak, Dvorak, and Linear-A keycaps until after Chinese New Year. Because our factory’s former salesperson doctored the ordered, they have not yet been manufactured. It’s going to be a while.

(Chris) #7

White Keycaps?

When can I order?

Do you have a picture of them on a board?

(Gergely Nagy) #8

There’s an old pic of them on Twitter:

They’re awesome.

(Tae) #9

Unpainted keycaps just arrived :purple_heart::tada:

(Jesse) #10

Yay! What country are you in?

(Tae) #11

I am in Chile so I thought I would have to wait more than other people :sweat_smile:

(Chris) #12

Will blank black and whites go on the store once the backers have been fulfilled?

(Jesse) #13

As it happens, China Post doesn’t have an ‘ePacket’ shipping deal with Chile. So you were one of the lucky folks who got upgraded to DHL :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #14

Once we get the extra sets into our warehouse in HK, yes :slight_smile:

Blank keycaps install -- DON'T do what I did
(Rick Cogley) #15

I’ll definitely buy a set of white ones as soon as they are available. Hope soon!

(Gergely Nagy) #16

Keycaps arrived to Hungary too. And damn, are they beautiful!

(Ben Gemperline) #17

Was tracking ever sent out? I’ve moved since the backerkit was sent out and I’m fairly certain they’re shipped to the wrong address.

(Jesse) #18

@bagels - Colemak, Dvorak, and Linear A sets haven’t been made yet. Before we send them out, we’ll send you email asking you to update your address.

(Nick Handel) #19

Will you announce availability here? Together with the Chrysalis enhancements, this will make my M01 PERFECT.

(Kevin Galligan) #20

What are thoughts on the future with regards to keycaps? I’d love to be able to order a Colemak set but I ordered my keybaord way after alternate keycaps were available. After the manufacturing nightmare I can imagine the goal would be to wrap up existing orders, but I’m also thinking that adding a few extra keycap sets is pretty straightforward if the production is still pending.

That, or if somebody ordered a Colemak set but isn’t going to use them, reach out after delivery :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #21

we ordered a bunch of extra sets to go along with the ones that people pre-ordered. Once we have the inventory in stock, it will be available on shop.keyboard.io


Berlin, Germany got unpainted Keycaps yesterday!


(flussence) #23

Got mine today! UK here.

(pcurry) #24

Got my white keycaps like a week ago. Haven’t gotten them installed yet.