What's the latest info on keycap sets?

@bagels - Colemak, Dvorak, and Linear A sets haven’t been made yet. Before we send them out, we’ll send you email asking you to update your address.

Will you announce availability here? Together with the Chrysalis enhancements, this will make my M01 PERFECT.

What are thoughts on the future with regards to keycaps? I’d love to be able to order a Colemak set but I ordered my keybaord way after alternate keycaps were available. After the manufacturing nightmare I can imagine the goal would be to wrap up existing orders, but I’m also thinking that adding a few extra keycap sets is pretty straightforward if the production is still pending.

That, or if somebody ordered a Colemak set but isn’t going to use them, reach out after delivery :slight_smile:

we ordered a bunch of extra sets to go along with the ones that people pre-ordered. Once we have the inventory in stock, it will be available on shop.keyboard.io


Berlin, Germany got unpainted Keycaps yesterday!


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Got mine today! UK here.

Got my white keycaps like a week ago. Haven’t gotten them installed yet.

Can anyone post pictures of the unpainted ones?

There were a couple on twitter:

Hey @jesse,

First off, let me say that the Keyboardio is the best keyboard I’ve ever used for the last year. Loved it so much I got a second one!

I apologize if this question was stated somewhere, but I couldn’t find how or where I could order the new keycaps like the ones in the pictures of this thread. The clearish/white keycaps. Is that through you? Or another company? Thanks for any info you can provide, and thanks for all your hard work!


We’re still dealing with supply-chain issues on keycaps. We got a run of unlabeled black and unlabeled white keycaps shipped, but don’t currently have a date for more of them.



Hello,I’m new, I’m from France.
My name is Claude, I’ve seen this beautiful white keycaps that seem what I’m looking for (I write very much, I’d love to see what is going inside and the freedom to custom in the way you want.).
So I 'd be very glad when you are ready to send me an email(do i put right here or can you see my email as an administrator)
Your story and your honesty inspire and move me that’s why I decide to order your product when you have in your stock( first time outside my country).
So where do I pre-order :slightly_smiling_face:?



I forgot one question:

If i order Quiet Click then later you have the white keycaps do i have to order a new like 329+329
or like 329+ price like 50 dollars then i swap the black keycaps written with white keycaps unwritten easily.



The keycaps are swappable. They pull off easily and are easy to replace. So, you’d just buy the keyboard and the sets of keycaps that you want, and swap them out.

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Are there any new updates on Colemak or Dvorak keycaps? It’s now 6 months since I started this thread. :cry:

There are lawyers involved. It’s going to be a while. Backer update is written and being copy-edited now. Should be up today or tomorrow.


Thanks as always for the prompt updates Jesse! (Meant completely seriously, not at all sarcastic.)

Unpainted key caps received late April in India! Have to get up the nerve to pluck the old ones out yet, though… Am afraid of damaging something…

Any news on the dvorak keycaps @jesse? If I have to pay again I will… the qwerty ones are starting to wear out anyway.

The backer update from June is still the most current info we can share.