Any good refrences for a custom layout?

Coming from QMK I have a few features which can’t be implemented via the GUI and would like to try implementing them on my Keyboardio keyboard.

Does anyone have references for their layouts which they maintain as code which would be a good reference for someone starting out implementing their own layout? The template provided is quite simple and doesn’t give insights into how more advanced functionality might be achieved.

In that case, why not simply continue using QMK, but on your Keyboardio? That’s what I did with my Keyboardio Atreus.

It’s the model-100 which doesn’t have QMK support (yet?).
Else I most certainly would use QMK!

I can’t say this is a good example, but it does have a lot of features duplicating my QMK layout. It requires the beta Kaleidoscope, not the latest release.

QMK as reference: Iris. Atreus Common

I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but you can have a look at mine.

If you look into the commit history you can get a grasp of the rationale behind most of the mappings.
Be aware that these changes are currently only in the separate branch “hupfdule-dev”.

Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!