Any updates on mouse movement with the 01?

I’ve found some pretty old discussion about mouse manipulation with the M1, but can’t find anything recent. Has there been any developments on using the keys to move around the cursor and click?

Ty in advance.

I made a video - for me this remains one of the few things that Ergodox does WAY better than the M01. It’s a real shame. I know settings can be played with if you tweak the firmware but I’m now using Chrysalis for colormap and simple key assignments and just don’t have the time or energy to experiment.

If the mouse movement could be made as good as Ergodox’s out of the box I’d probably give up the search for a decent trackball. Having significantly alleviated my ulnar nerve RSI with the M01 my right hand is now suffering from using my Magic Mouse.

Clarification - the videos I made Comparison videos featured the factory M01 firmware, which was way too jumpy off the mark. It has the opposite problem, by default, in a recent update.

I still think Ergodox is better out of the box. I will see if I can have a play with the MouseKeys settings but I wonder if QMK is just a better underlying algorithm.

It’s more likely the tuning than the algorithm. We’d absolutely love patches :slight_smile:


If patches are too difficult, a clear, detailed description of the desired behaviour is likely to result in a patch getting submitted. I’ve been interested in improving the utility of the mouse movement keys, but haven’t got around to it yet.

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I’d be happy to play with the mouse keys settings to see if I can improve the behaviour that way; no idea how I would turn better settings into a patch - are defaults baked into the library itself? I still don’t really understand how Chrysalis works with different firmware versions and am nervous about flashing a firmware from a sketch I’ve modified with MouseKeys settings in case it hoses my Chrysalis-defined key maps and colour maps. Is there any way to export/import the Chrysalis definitions?

I’m a rank amateur here with the firmware etc. - it seems to me that the Chrysalis default firmware and the 1.94 beta that you get if you use Arduino are different and incompatible.
I tried to load the experimental firmware .ino file into Arduino, add some MouseKeys settings, and upload, but it failed to verify complaining about the lack of HardwareTestMode.h (Model01:64:43: error: Kaleidoscope-HardwareTestMode.h: No such file or directory). I also don’t know how one compiles the firmware into a form that Chrysalis can understand, to use its own firmware update process. So I’m a bit stuck at the moment without further instructions.

How complicated is the step-by-step to modify the MouseKeys settings and update, assuming the starting point is the latest version of Chrysalis with keycaps and colours defined?

Is there a simple guide of how to get started using this feature? And then how to tune it to my preferences?

@algernon any tips on this question?

How complicated is the step-by-step to modify the MouseKeys settings and update, assuming the starting point is the latest version of Chrysalis with keycaps and colours defined?

Depends on how much you want to modify: if you want to change some of the knobs only, but keep the algorithm intact, then it is pretty easy, you just change some of the MouseKeys properties in your setup(). See here for the available properties. If you can compile the factory firmware, modifying it to tweak mousekeys is very easy.

If you want to modify the algorithm, that’s a bit more complicated, as you’ll need to change the plugin itself.

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Sorry; explained myself badly. Imagine I just unwrapped my M01, installed Chrysalis and have done nothing else with firmware. I’m using Chrysalis to remap some keys and change some colours. Question is, how do I go from there, to being able to edit the mouse settings? The problem I was having was that I couldn’t compile the firmware supplied with Chrysalis (from the git repo) using Arduino IDE - several errors I didn’t understand. What’s the simplest workflow to allow use of Chrysalis alongside simple firmware edits like mouse keys?

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