Dynamic Mouse Keys

I recently got a keyboardio and would like to replace my mouse altogether, but I don’t really like how the mouse acceleration works.

It would be great if pressing a mouse key further made the mouse move faster. I’m wondering if it is feasible to run wires to the mouse keys, wrap a loop or so around the switch and use Arduino’s capacitive touch for a bit extra control. My main concerns are noise from key scanning and the limited switch travel.

To be honest, for a full-blown mouse replacement, it would probably be more effective to go for a small touchpad or, event better, a trackpoint.

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Without making hardware modifications, there are ways to make the mouse movement keys more practical. One thing we could do is to introduce mouse movement modifiers to control the top speed and acceleration parameters. I’m imagining three speeds (slow, normal, and fast) would be sufficient. These modifier keys (slow and fast) could either be “sticky” (à la OneShot) or only active when held.

It’s never going to be as quick and responsive as using a dedicated pointing device, but we can certainly do a lot better, even with binary keys.