First Impressions and use tips

Hi, just got my Keyboardio and my thoughts:

  • Prepare to be slow. I went from around 70 WPM on a standard QWERTY to 2 WPM the first time I did a typing test. I thought it was the keyboard, but actually what l am fighting is 23 years of self taught touch typing patterns that the Keyboardio does not forgive.
  • I have found the best way to improve is using’s paragraph exercises: mainly because the finger highlighting serves as a very good and quick reminder of the keys position.
  • I would also recommend not resting on the palms, but instead lift your hands 1 inch above the board.

I am 2 days in now and around 15-20 WPM on average. I have seen others mention that the ROI hits at around the 2 week mark, and I think I will agree with that.