Flexible camera mounts + ergonomic computer use on airplanes

Great post Michael ! I am used to working in buses, planes and trains, and I am using a combination of these with my MS Surface Pro:

  • https://tablethookz.com/ which enables me to attach the Surface Pro on the front tablet (works well on the plane). I made a hack with a Sugru-made hook holder and a cheap Moko case, as otherwise the tablet hook is not really long enough to handle the height of the Surface Pro (it is rather made to accomodate iPad)
  • some luggage strap when there is no proper tablet on the front seat, that I use to attach the Surface Pro to eye’s level (on buses mostly)

And it is definitely very confortable even for a bus ride of 5 hours :slight_smile:

at the moment I am using the keyboardio attached (the holder with gives a slightly tilted angle), for now I find it sufficient but the flexible camera mount is definitely something I will consider. Thank you for this hack !