For Sale: $80 Atreus w/ Speed Copper QWERTY (free shipping to CONUS)

Item: Keyboardio Atreus with Kailh Speed Copper keyswitches and QWERTY black keycaps. In box, laminated layout card, original USB-C to USB-A cord, and 4 extra keycaps included.
Price: $80
Condtion: Like New, Barely Used
Location: Oakland, MI USA

I bought one Atreus for me and another for my 10yo daughter, but the mechanical keyboard bug didn’t bite her. Mainly because she likes to carry her laptop around and never stay in a fixed spot, so an external keyboard doesn’t work so well and I’m selling it. Probably only a few hundred keypresses on each switch.

The $80 includes free shipping within the continental U.S. I have no idea what shipping costs are outside of the U.S., but if you’re interested we can probably figure it out.

Picture below with one keycap removed to show off the speed copper switch.

I’ll take it. Can we message each other?