[FOR SALE] - Model 1 - US - MI $250 > 1 mo of use

Hi there,

I bought my Model 1 at the Thanksgiving sale, having coveted it for eons. I am sad to say that I am just not as efficient on it as I need to be - I have to write two books this year - so I am going to let it go at a discount since I got it at a discount. I still have original box and packing materials and will ship it using same. I have used it for just a little less than a month since I wasn’t home for half of December and given how slow I was to acclimate ended up working off my laptop to meet my deadlines.

$250 plus cost of shipping and insurance, shipper is up to the buyer, since I still have the box. I’m in Detroit if you want to try local pickup. Photos attached.

Please contact me at jukeboxgraduate at gmail and not via PM, I will not likely see it in a timely manner. Thanks.

Is this the Quiet or Loud one?