For Sale: Model 100 Walnut w/ Speed Copper Tactile [USA-Texas] CONUS/local, ONLY $330 SHIPPED

Item:Model 100 Walnut w/ Speed Copper Tactile switches with original packaging/travel case, North American QWERTY keycaps, original cables, accessories, etc.
Also includes Keyboard stand kit
Price:$330 SHIPPED [CONtinentalUS ONLY, subtract shipping cost if local]
Condtion:Like New (<5hrs)
Location: Dallas Texas

A bit more about the item, including a few pictures:
$349+$25 current retail (+~$35 CONUS Shipping?) Total value ~$400 for only $330!
Used for a few hours total and then shelved it, it’s not going to work for me. Great product but I spend too much time around to other computers to remember multiple layouts and burn in the muscle memory. Just looking to pass it on to a loving home.

Bumping the price down to $300 shipped, if a mod sees this pls update OP for me? Not forum lvl2 yet. :frowning:

A nice little holiday bump! Still a great discount for a barely touched keyboard at $300!

admins pls edit? Am just a poor lil lvl1 without OP write permissions. :frowning: