Free bits in keycodes

(Noseglasses) #1

Are there any free bits in keycodes left that could be used for user plugins to define custom keycodes?

(Gergely Nagy) #2

Free bits, not really, but you can use Kaleidoscope-Ranges.h, and start from kaleidoscope::ranges::SAFE_START. Anything >= SAFE_START is guaranteed to be unused by Kaleidoscope or any of the plugins that ship in the same repo.

(Noseglasses) #3

I realized that I probably was not precise enough concerning my question. What I meant is, if I have a given keycode and I want it to transport further information that I want to code, are there any unused bits that could be used? Or is this something that cannot be answered in general and differs between individual keycodes?

(Gergely Nagy) #4

Ah, I see. Unless you re-use bits, no, there aren’t any unused ones.