FunctionalColor 2 16-color edition (development discussion)

(Noseglasses) #121

Thanks for asking. Yes, I have tried FC already. It looks great on the real hardware. I haven’t found time to try all of its different color maps. But I’m certain I will do so as soon as I have finished optimizing my keymap and the work on my Kaleidoscope-Papageno plugin. I’ve so many plans and projects in mind, yet so little time for all of it … besides, there is this annoying real live that permanently demands attention :upside_down_face:

My first impression of FC was really good. You documented it pretty well, thus it was easy to add to my sketch. If I should find any issues, I will submit reports or PRs.


(JD Lien) #122

This would certainly help! Even for myself, I find it really difficult to install Plugins, largely because the filesystem location is not very obvious and difficult to find.

In order for you to add it to the repo, what would I need to do?

(JD Lien) #123

Thanks for the compliment - I’m glad it’s working well for you. If you have any suggestions or need fixes I’ll do my best to implement them - I certainly owe you one!