FunctionalColor Plugin - Automatically label keys with colors


(Gergely Nagy) #41

Yep. That’s what a couple of plugins do, including Colormap. There’s even a LED-Palette-Theme plugin that aims making this a little bit easier. Mind you, that one pretty much depends on EEPROM. But a similar idea can be made for RAM- or PROGMEM-based palettes too.

So yep, entirely plausible!

(JD Lien) #42

Cool, I will have to look into this. I hope that’s the secret to getting the memory usage down to something sane… Make a list of up to 256? colors and just specify one of those for each key… that should surely do the trick.

(Michael Richters) #43

With so few “pixels” I’d think 256 colors would be overkill. I bet a small number of colors (16?) would suffice with a simple brightness-adjustment algorithm.

(Gergely Nagy) #44

Yup, 16 is what the Colormap plugin is going with. It’s quite a plenty for a 64-key keyboard.

(JD Lien) #45

Yeah, I suppose you’re right, but I still need to make different brightness variations of each color somehow without actually using a variable for that. I suppose I’ll have to compute the color with brightness factor at use instead of storing it in a variable.

(JD Lien) #46

If anyone is interested in trying it, I have implemented this idea and written about it over here:

(JD Lien) #47

With a lot of help from @noseglasses, I have almost completely rewritten FunctionalColor and have documented how to use it.

View the latest information about this plugin at the following link:

(Abdenour bachir) #48

link wont work it seems :frowning:

(JD Lien) #49

Oops, sorry. I’ve updated it.