How do I add unicode letters on a layer (think emoji layers for English users) using Chrysalis (on Atreus)

I got my Atreus quite a while ago, but haven’t gotten around to using much. I’m considering using it as my daily driver going ahead. I’ve managed to configure it to the way I prefer (Dvorak with few key changes) using Chrysalis.

I’d love to be able to use some layers to add support for another language/script I use fairly often.

What I’m hoping for :

  • I wouldn’t have to switch/add keyboard layout in the OS for the other language that I’d like to type in
  • Simply plugin to the computer, switch to the layer and start typing.

Examples of some letters I’d like to exist (say on layer 3) - ( क ख त्र क्ष फ ण … ) One can also imagine a layer dedicated to typing out emojis !

I can’t seem to find a straightforward way to do this in Chrysalis, or perhaps I’m not properly familiar with it yet I bet this is something that’s already been done by somebody in the community.

How do I go about adding this layer ? I’d appreciate any pointers.