Introducing Kaleidoscope-BetterShifting

Plugin name: Kaleidoscope-BetterShifting
Author: Jared Lindsay
Source URL:


This plugin has been discussed a bit here, but here’s an “official” release of my BetterShifting plugin. This is a very simple plugin that acts kind of like “training wheels” for your typing: it forces you use the left shift if you’re trying to capitalize a key on the right side, or the right shift for a key on the left.

I quickly learned that trying to type something in all caps was extremely annoying with this plugin enabled, so BetterShifting gets around this by letting you enter a sort of shift-lock so long as you hold both shift keys.

I’m not sure if this plugin will be of any use to anyone save for myself, but if anyone has any suggestions for improvements of any kind, let me know!

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