Kaleidoscope versioning

I am not sure it this was discussed already…

Are there any plans towards versioning Kaleidoscope?

The reason for me asking, is that I am working on a plugin that is already having a travis based test system that will soon be extended to also run function tests (testing system currently under development, see here). As Kaleidoscope is evolving. Changes might lead to deprecations of core or stock plugin functions or general changes in behavior due to bugs being fixed. Even API changes might occure in the future. All this means, that a user developing a plugin can not rely on her/his plugin to work in the future, or that compile or run tests keep passing or suddenly fail due to API changes.

If would be very helpful if the developer of a user plugin could add a note to the plugin’s README.md that reads “Tested with Kaleidoscope x.y”.

As far as I can overlook this, it would be sufficient to assign versions to the Arduino-Boards project only. Such a version would then automatically define the state of all referenced modules.


We use git tags for ‘shipped’ versions.

As we move forward, we’re trying very hard not to make backwards incompatible API changes, though we’re still discussing where the lines get drawn.

I’ve been pushing relatively hard to make sure that API changes where we intend to eventually remove the old versions get explicit deprecation warnings on those APIs.

My bad. I should have taken a closer look at the github repo. Actually when it comes to github I am still a bit in a learning phase.

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