Keyboard layout for Qukeys?

(tiltowaitt) #1

I’m looking to create some extra functionality for my function keys, but I’m not sure which row/col they are in order to address them in Qukeys. Where might I find this information?

(Michael Richters) #2

They’re almost impossible for me to remember, too:

(tiltowaitt) #3

Glad I’m not the only one. What about the Fn (palm) keys? Those are the ones I’m looking for.

(Gergely Nagy) #4

We have the coordinates in doc/model01_coordinates.png in the Kaleidoscope repo:

Hope this helps! (I have this bookmarked, as I can’t ever remember the coordinates either)

(tiltowaitt) #5

Awesome, thanks. I am also going to save this …

(Michael Richters) #6

Sorry; I didn’t read your question carefully enough.