Keyboardio Model 01 Quiet Click | Portland, OR

Item: Model 01Quiet Clock
Price: 280
Condtion: Good
Location: Portland, OR

Have a Model 01 that has since been replace with an Atreus. Thought it would be my forever keyboard but sometimes things change. Would prefer a local sale if possible. Will add photos if I need to juice the SEO on this post.

Hello, Justin.
Could you provide some photos?
What is included in the purchase? (the keyboard, what type of keycaps, stand, case)
What will be price of delivery to

  1. 121108, Moscow, Russia
  2. Tualatin, Origin, US

I think I have everything but the screwdriver.

I’d be willing to meet you in person if you are taking about Tualatin, OR.

()Hi, Justin.
1. some more questions about the keyboard as it has to be shipped overseas:
a)could you please ,verify that there are no sticky keys and
b)the stand and rubber pads are intact?

2. Payment /delivery

We could arrange the deal through EBay or direct PayPal invoice on my name. My PayPal account Is romantychko or you can find it by this email ( as well.
the address below is not mine but Shipito warehouse. They will take pictures of the keyboard upon delivery, and will send it to Russia or they could handle any dispute/return issues should will there be any.

the address is

Roman Tychko

11407 SW Amu St
Suite #L3133 (please include it in the PayPal invoice and do label it on the package, so Shipito can associate it with me)
Tualatin, OR 97062

I need your address as well in the unlucky case the keyboard is not as described, so shipito can deliver it back to you.
Feel free to call me on Whatsapp or telegram from 22:00 to 12:00 in Portland, ON (from 09:00 to 23:00 in Moscow) so I can handle the payment/verification more swiftly.

Roman Tychko

Whatsapp Roman Tychko
Telegram @roman_tychko

This item is still available.

Im interested. Is this still available?

It is still available!

interested if still available

It is still available!

Still open? I’m in Seattle, I could have my guy meet you in Portland tho.

Sold! Extra characters.