Macro triggering a OneShot


(Andrew McCauley) #21

Would it help to have OSM(LeftShift) on my keymap somewhere and to reference it by coordinates?

Edit: have done so anyway to ensure that it works, which it does.

(Andrew McCauley) #22

To clarify - I have ensured that OSM(LeftShift) works. I don’t know how to reference it in a macro by co-ordinates and trigger a keypress, not quite at that level of experience.

(Gergely Nagy) #23

I’ll try to find some time today to figure out what’s required to make it work.


I remain interested in giving this a try. It feels like a lot of work to avoid a few extra keypresses on each sentence, but I expect there will be other cases where this functionality would be useful.

I can imagine a future where my keyboard’s sentence-ending macro becomes impossible to live without.

(Andrew McCauley) #25

As a workaround, here’s a (PC) software solution to this:

(Andrew McCauley) #26

And as a better, though clunkier but less software-reliant workaround, simply make 26 leader key sequences for each punctuation mark you wish to use :wink: FullStopLeader + Key_A has output of full stop, spacebar, capital A eliminating the need for a one shot shift.

Is there a way to make this work without 26 entries for each punctuation point? As in, a generalisation to PunctuationLeader + [AnyAlphaKey] => Punctuation, spacebar, CapitalAlpha?

(Gergely Nagy) #27

You can use a generic handler, but you will need 26 entries in the Leader dictionary.