OneShot'ing a chord?

Working on my layout right now and I’m running into something that I’m wondering if is possible. I’m trying to OneShot a chord, basically my Hyper/Meh keys that I have.

Example: I’m using LSHIFT(LALT(LGUI(Key_LeftControl))) for my Hyper key, but can’t one shot that with OSM(LSHIFT(LALT(LGUI(Key_LeftControl)))).

The only thought I have atm is I might have to make a macro for this? Any help is appreciated!

There’s a feature request open, which will make this possible, once implemented:

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Awesome! Had searched here, but not Github issues. Thanks for pointing that out.

You could just make a layer with all your Hyper shortcuts, then put OSL(HYPER) in your layout.


That’s an interesting idea I had not thought of. I’ll have to try that tonight!

The layering idea was a good thought but ended up looking really ugly for what I needed. I would have had to wrap every single key on 6 different layers with the modifiers for it to be “complete” for what I’m working on, bleh. I got through one line and just couldn’t go any farther. Might use that for something else though.

While it’s still not pretty, I ended up implementing these through macros based on how the OP in the Feature Request Algernon posted and it works great! I look forward to that feature being implemented so I can get rid of the excessive code I had to use. But hey, it works and I just learned how to write some macros, so I’m not complaining!

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Was this ever implemented? It looks like it’s still open

I don’t think it was ever implemented. I’m still using my macro workaround and it’s been very effective.