OneShot for layers (OSL) behavior quirks

I’ve really appreciated using OneShot on my new keyboard. I first set about using OneShot with my modifier keys. For shift, this turned out to be especially useful and addictive.

Recently I tried using OneShot with layers (the OSL macro), and I noticed some behavior quirks that are not discussed in the documentation. In case it matters, what I was trying to do was to implement a modified shift layer to allow me to setup my own symbols. Unlike when the OSM macro gets used, OSL doesn’t always disable after a single key press. When I am typing quickly, I’ll usually get two keypresses sent to my modified layer. If I mash the keys, I can get three or four. This doesn’t happen with the OSM macros. They seem optimized to be able to send only “one-shot,” i.e. only the very first keypress that follows.

Has anyone else noticed this? I figure there will eventually be loads of reasons why others will want to use OneShot with layers, and I wonder if this could stand to be improved.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I’m not a programmer, but I can muddle my way through well-documented explanations. Since getting this keyboard, all the sudden I have a reason to learn to code!


This is definitely a bug. Right now, I don’t see how this would happen with one-shot layers only, and not for modifiers. Can you file an issue on GitHub? It is easier for me to track issues there.


I filed it as an issue. Thanks, that answered my question.