Combining multiple OneShot keys not working as expected

Random praises
First of all I must say that the keyboard is really cool and I started to set it up a month ago. I am working as a programmer and I expected that I had to do quite a bit of work to get the behavior I wanted. But I am almost there by only using existing plugins. Thanks to all contributors, you’re doing an awesome job!

I have gotten a lot of inspiration from @algernon, thank you for all your blog posts and also your incredible work here!

The question:
I’m not sure whether I have found a bug, I’m configuring things wrong or the plugin simply isn’t supposed to handle my use case.
I am trying to use the OneShot plugin for all modifier keys and my two layer keys. As you can see in the attached image or my layout file I have the arrow keys in the “function” layer. Something very common for me (all windows programmers I assume) is to use the arrow keys together with Ctrl and Shift to move the text cursor and to select text. This is where I’m encountering issues, it seems like a short while after the first one shot key is double tapped neither tapping nor double tapping other OneShot keys seems to have any effect, even though LED-ActiveModColor lits the key. So for example if I double tap the “function” key and then the Ctrl key and then wait a couple of seconds and then double tap the Shift key, all three keys are lit up but using the arrow keys behaves like the Shift key is not pressed.

So the quick fix is obviously to type faster, then everything seems to be working just fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Yes I am using colemak)

nn_layout.ino (18.6 KB)

This is definitely a bug, as this use case is something OneShot is supposed to support - and something I’m using daily, too. Mind you, I usually don’t double tap the modifiers, probably that’s why the issue went undetected so far.

Can you file an issue on GitHub, please? That’s much easier for me to keep track of.

I expect to be working around OneShot over the weekend, will try to tackle this problem too.

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Thank you @algernon !
I have added an issue on GitHub, I hope the name and comment is good enough: