Finer “stickability” control for OneShot

(Shriramana Sharma) #1

I have just submitted a PR for allowing finer i.e. per-modifier and per-layer control of the “stickability” of one-shot modifiers.

This obviously needs to remove the older boolean controls but doesn’t otherwise (intentionally) change any OneShot behaviour.

Though it is right now working on my keyboard with the following settings:

    OneShot.stickableMod(Key_LeftShift, true);
    OneShot.stickableLayer(LYR_NAV, true);

… it probably bears some testing as it is my first code contribution to the firmware involving serious code change.

Many thanks to all the good people here and especially @jesse for KeyboardIO and @algernon for OneShot and more!

(Shriramana Sharma) #2

In some other thread here someone had asked whether such a behaviour was possible which made me realize I had the same need too. I searched for that post to link to it and say thanks for the idea but couldn’t find it. If the person or anyone else knows, please link!