Disable oneshot double tap

I am trying to disable double tap sticky with the OneShot Plugin. I followed the guide online and added the following to my setup()

  OneShot.double_tap_sticky = false;
  OneShot.double_tap_sticky_layers = false;

However this has not changed the setting. I am really looking for some debugging tools so I can see what is going on, because when I statically review the code it looks like this should work. How can I approach solving this issue? Thanks in advance. My full config is located here.

If you are using a recent Kaleidoscope, the double_tap_sticky and double_tap_sticky_layers properties were deprecated, and there’s OneShot.disableStickabilityForModifiers() and OneShot.disableStickabilityForLayers() instead, which should do the right thing.

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Thanks @algernon. Can you point me to where the “recent” version of Kaleidoscope is documented? I was reading the docs here.

nvm I found it.