Model100 back to factory layout?


I’ve just got started with my lovely new Model100 but I messed up when trying to tweak some keys, I ended up with only one key mapped in one layer! No problem I thought, I’ll reset and try again but the mapping layout after reset is quite different to what it was after unboxing - it had 6 or 7 layers I think and had mouse movements mapped to wasd etc. whereas what I have now is much simpler.

Is there any way to get back to that initial layout? I’m new to world of programmable keyboards and still getting used to the terms and concepts so haven’t been able to figure out where to even look.


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The factory layout is 3 layers: the base QWERTY layer, a Numpad layer, and a Function layer (this is the one with mouse keys and whatnot).

To get back to that layout, the easiest is to use Chrysalis: connect to your keyboard, go to Preferences, then My Keyboard, and there will be a “Reset to factory settings” button at the bottom of the page there. That will restore the original layout.

At the moment, said button will spin indefinitely, but you can restart Chrysalis after about 10 seconds. This is a bug that’ll be corrected in the next Chrysalis update.

You will likely want to upgrade your firmware to 0.90.1, too, probably before doing the factory reset. See this post for more details:


How long should the “Reset to factory settings” take? I got my new model 100, flashed to 0.90.1 and found that none of the keys did anything anymore. In Chrysalis it looked like there were no keybindings so I thought that resetting to factory might help. Now I’ve been seeing a spinner for over 10 minutes. I think I may need to pull the USB cable but I don’t want to break anything.

It’s a couple of seconds, but there’s a bug in Chrysalis which results in it spinning forever. This is fixed in the latest snapshot, and the fix will be in 0.11.5 too.

Thanks! Eventually I pulled the USB and killed the app. Reconnected the USB and now my keyboard works great!

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