New plugin: Digital Rain (The Matrix falling code effect)

(Bart Nagel) #21

Someone (you?) gave a pull request for that which I merged today. Thanks either way!

(Bart Nagel) #22

I just pushed v0.2.0, in which you can set COLOR_CHANNEL to 0 or 2 rather than the default 1, for red or blue. Eventually I’ll spend the time to allow arbitrary colours.

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(JP) #23

ahh… is it this?

	cRGB LEDDigitalRainEffect::getColorFromComponents(uint8_t primary, uint8_t secondary) {
		switch (COLOR_CHANNEL) {
			case 0: return CRGB(primary, secondary, secondary);
			case 1: return CRGB(secondary, primary, secondary);
			case 2: return CRGB(secondary, secondary, primary);
			default: return CRGB(0, 0, 0);

thanks, gonna try it now.

(Bart Nagel) #24

That and a bit more, yeah. Full relevant changeset

(JP) #25

looks good, I’ll have to try it at night so I can really see the difference(s).

(joe smith) #26

really awesome that one