OneShot in Chrysalis 0.9.3?

I just upgraded to Chrysalis 0.9.3 and am trying to recreate some old settings I accidentally borked.
In 0.8.9, I swear that I could set a OneShot key to shift or lock to a layer. I talked about it a bit here where I had “OSL #1”.

How do I do that in the new Chrysalis? Under OneShot I was expecting something to let me OneShot shift to a layer, but the only options I see there are these:

What am I missing? How do I get that ‘OSL #1’ behavior back?

It looks like this does what I want:

as that gives me

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 12.39.59 PM

Was this documented anywhere? It sure is hard to find.

Yup! That’s the one shot layer switch. For oneshot modifiers, you can set a key to a modifier and in the “Modifiers” section, you’ll be able to set them to “Sticky”, which gets you the OneShot Modifier behaviour.

It was moved there when we redesigned the layout editor in 0.8.0. We could probably do better documenting bigger UI changes, I’ll try my best to do so, going forward.