Plugin for Personal Timers and Pomodoro?


I recently saw this Keyboard for sale that includes a built-in pomodoro timer:

It struck me that this might be functionality we could build into a kaleidoscope plugin.

I imagine something like having a keyboard layer that allows the user to enter a time (e.g. they push 2,5 for 25 minutes - or perhaps each digit is a multiple of 5, so they would press 5 for 25 minutes). There would be other keys in the later for pausing/resuming the timer and restarting the timer.

The timer plugin could control the backlight colors to give an indication about how much time is left on the timer (e.g. >50% time remaining = green. 10-50% = yellow, 0-10% = red, <0 (time is up) and it flashes red.

Has anybody else explored an idea like this previously? Are there any additional features people would like to see in a plugin like this?