Qukeys.setReleaseDelay() is gone? What's the replacement?

I have a (now) very old sketch. In it, I have Qukeys.setReleaseDelay(20). Looking at the current documentation, it seems that function no longer exists. What’s the replacement?

That was a mechanism to allow for a small “grace period” so that you can release the two keys “simultaneously” and still get the alternate (modifier) value from the qukey. There is no exact equivalent, because that mechanism has been replaced with a better one that uses a percentage of the duration of the subsequent key’s press duration that overlaps with the qukey’s press. The default behaviour is currently similar to a release delay of 20 milliseconds, but if you want to adjust it, use Qukeys.setOverlapThreshold(pct), where pct is a value in the range 1-100 (a percentage). Lower values will get roughly similar results to higher release delay values (favouring modifiers from qukeys), and higher values are like smaller release delay values. An overlap threshold of 100 turns off the “grace period”, so you’ll only get a modifier if the subsequent key’s release event is detected before the qukey’s release.

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