Rollover from Tapdance key produces unwanted keystrokes

Plugin name: TapDance


I am trying to utilize the TapDance plugin on my Atreus, for example adding left and right brackets and braces to the comma and period keys, respectively, upon two and three taps. However this causes more annoyance than ease, as it gives unwanted keystrokes.

For instance, when I type with my not even fast speed, rolling over from comma to space produces a sequence of unpredictable number of commas and spaces (like “, ,”).

Since I have a Qukey set on space for layer shifting, I tested other, normal keys to see if that causes the interference. But the problem persists in that case as well, tapping comma and, say, “k” continuously with rapid alteration gives “kk,k,kk,k,kk,k,kk,k,kk,k,k,”.

Lastly, if I press and hold any of my TapDance keys, it gets stuck even after release, infinitely firing the base value of the key.

My question is: is there a way to solve this issue? I know that there exist some timing settings for the plugin, but I don’t really know what to set for this.

I believe PR #904 will fix this issue, if and when it gets merged. If you’re comfortable building your own firmware, please feel free to try it out.