Shift to layer does not work when locked to layer

(Toon Claes) #1

(I’m sorry, I noticed there is already a lot written about layer switching, but I couldn’t find related info in the large amount of discussion)

I have a Colemak layer, that changes the position of the alpha keys, the rest is transparent. But when I have that layer locked, I can no longer shift to NumPad layer, of Fn layer. Is this intended behavior?

(Gergely Nagy) #2

Is the Colemak layer higher than the NumPad or Fn layers? The way layers work, is that they’re applied on top of each other, based on their number, nor the order of activation. To make things clearer, lets assume you have these layers:

0 - Base
1 - Fn
2 - Numpad
3 - Colemak

If you activate Colemak, then shift to Numpad, Colemak will still shadow Numpad, because Colemak has the higher index. If you move Colemak below Fn (so the order would be Base, Colemak, Fn, Numpad), shifting should work too.

(Toon Claes) #3

Excellent! That works like a charm. Thanks for the quick reply!