“Smash Box” (arcade-like Smash Bros controller) plugin?

Part of why I love my Model 01 is because I feel like it’s the purest, idealized form of finger/button input. Following a similar philosophy, a group of people have created a flat, large, button-only controller for Smash Bros called the Smash Box. It’s more ergonomic, easier to hit more buttons, and easier to input consistently.

I don’t know if a Switch controller plugin would be tournament legal (Smash Box says it usually is, but there’s an understanding, I’m sure, that its firmware is static and known), and I don’t know what the Model 01’s input lag is like (it’s geared primarily toward typists, not gamers), but I’m wondering about the feasibility of a ‘Smash Box plugin’. I’m not saying “hey, somebody, make this for me”, I’m more wondering if the concept has ever been brought up before (say for ergodox hardware, or something).

Smash Ultimate is my first Smash Bros game, so I’m not actually that great at it. I kinda just wanted to try a more idealized input method.

So, you’d want to use your Model01 as an XBOX-controller compatible device? That is theoretically possible.

As for input lag, the firmware is pretty darn fast, your bottleneck will be debouncing. My own sketch with a bunch of plugins has <1ms cycle times (+ debouncing + usb latency you can’t really get rid of), which is pretty darn good I believe.

Well, ideally, it’d be compatible with a lot of controllers, but the Switch isn’t compatible with XBox controllers. If someone were making one such plugin, it’d make sense to support multiple schemes.